La Clinica del Pueblo de Rio Arriba
     Tierra Amarilla, NM
      3 PHASES:
        --Health Clinic Additions & Renovations  
        --Administrative & Dental Additions
        --County Health Wing Addition
Addition/Renovation for a Rural health Clinic:  
Simple forms  respect and stretch the local traditional architecture.  Completed on
a tight budget - first phase led to two further projects with these clients.
The first existing structure here was adobe - we transformed the facility with new rooflines, solid construction and new cleanable finishes.
Staff interviews were an integral part of the process, leading to a more efficient plan that included ADA compliance, modern equipment and considerable re-arrangement of patient and staff flow.
A new glass dormer provides natural light for the reception workers and patients.
This project also led to work with the Chama Schools, Ganados del Valley Weaving Cooperative, and others in the Chama Valley.